Wedding Studio Florist vs. Retail Florist

So you’re getting married, congratulations!

You will have plenty of planning to do. You will have lots to think about: you will need to choose a venue, decide on catering, draw up a guest list, organize cars, select a wedding cake, pick out a wedding dress, choose outfits for attendants; and of course decide on flowers.

Where do you start when choosing wedding flowers?

The temptation is to head to your local retail florist and ask them to help. The problem with this approach is that florists are generalists. Meaning that, they are knowledgeable about flowers, skilled in arranging them and can provide flowers for a variety of occasions: such as a gift, a wreath for a funeral, a table arrangement and of course the weddings.

However, if you visit a wedding studio florist you will immediately be met with someone who isn’t just knowledgeable about selecting and arranging flowers, but someone who is an expert on weddings. A wedding florist will be able to discuss every detail of your wedding with you and from your information and plans will in turn be able to give you comprehensive advise about the best flowers to use and styles of arrangements and bouquets for your wedding.

A good wedding florist will spend time getting to know you, choosing your flowers after all, is every bit as important as your dress and they should be just as impactful. Your wedding florist will find out which types of flowers you love and where your wedding venue is. They will be knowledgeable about the venues and churches around Long Island and can advise you on what generally works well in these places.

A wedding florist will have a good knowledge of current dress styles and will work with you to discuss the flowers that will work well with your dress style and personality. They will be able to show you examples of bridal bouquets which they have worked on for brides with similar dress styles to yours. Your wedding florist will then make sure that the table flowers, church flowers, bridal bouquets and boutonnières are coordinated beautifully. Wedding florists can also advise on floral gifts for special guests.

Wedding florists are specialists, they are not only experts on weddings but they are also talented floral designers. It is essential to spend some time with a wedding florist during the planning of your wedding. They will be able to advise you on how to enhance your wedding using beautiful blooms, and you will never regret having flowers to remember on your special day.

Let us help you think outside the box with adding flowers to elements you wouldn’t think of for your wedding.  

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